Our Approach

Technical Training Mall, LLC uses a simple, straight-forward project approach that always begins with YOU.



ENGAGE—With open and clear communication. We define what your needs are with you. By doing this we ensure that the technical issues with which you are concerned, including your expectations, are clearly addressed and documented.

TECHNICAL RESOURCES—Assigning the right technical experts with relevant experience is paramount to a successful project. Our team consists of well known seasoned professionals that are in some cases nationally recognized.

EXECUTE—In the execution of the project, we will fully immerse ourselves in your project team to ensure that our activities and products are properly integrated with the your project.

ASSESS—Once executed, the quality of program implementation is assessed without compromising our role as independent assessors. In all cases our Technical Experts work with you either on location or in a central location that allows access for both you and our Experts. Locations are based on your needs and how to best meet them.

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